Until Next Time, Baums Away

In the past several months, you’ve probably noticed I have not posted to my blog as frequently as I used to.
It’s not because I don’t want to write new material. Sometimes life just gets in the way.
The Baums Away blog was an offshoot of my columns that appeared in the paper so readers could find them online. Writing for a blog gave me the chance to express my thoughts about the news, and since I was an editor and didn’t get the opportunity to write like I did when I was a reporter, it was a great outlet for writing.
My intent was to upload a new post once a week, which I was able to do for a time. Unfortunately, as time progressed, I became more involved with other activities. Finding time to sit down for 1 to 2 hours each week became difficult. Some weekends I simply could not write because of prior engagements.
A few weeks ago, I attempted to gauge how many people read my blog in an effort to see if it was worth coming up with content. It’s not that my blog was doing bad, but it wasn’t exactly getting the views that others had.
I was on the fence. Should I say I’m done, or should I let my blog go?
A change at work helped me find an answer. You may have noticed I have been writing more stories for the Herald. That’s because I have taken on more reporting responsibilities. This means I’ll be able to put my writing skills to use, a job I enjoy doing.
But this also means I’ll have less time to keep track of my blog, which is why I must put Baums Away on hiatus indefinitely. I need to dedicate my time to figuring out my new role at the Herald, so I won’t have the time or energy to properly wrote for a blog.
Like I said, it’s not like I want to quit. But a lot has happened in the last year, and I need to take some time to switch gears and find my new norm. It may take some time, so I wanted to let you know why I’m putting some things on hold.
I hope you understand. Perhaps Baums Away will come back. But for now I hope you enjoy my news articles in the Herald, and I look forward to dedicating my talents to finding stories that will keep the public informed, as well as reporting information that will help others.
Until then … Baums Away.

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